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Contribute to the EPFL Climate Plan!

EPFL needs you to take up one of the greatest challenges of our time!

This platform allows you to discover the measures proposed in the Climate Plan, to evaluate them, to debate them and to propose new ones. Thank you for your valuable contributions!


About the participatory approach

Faced with the climate emergency, the EPFL Direction set up a Task Force in November 2019 to draw up an ambitious Climate and Sustainability Plan with the aim of positioning EPFL to face the climate crisis in a relevant and exemplary manner.

The Sustainability unit is in charge of the Campus or Campus Climate Plan, i.e. the definition of measures concerning operational aspects.: Food, Pendular Mobility, Professional Mobility, Buildings, Energy, Partnerships, Purchasing, Green Labs and Well-being &s; community.

The participatory approach is part of the process of developing the Campus Climate Plan led by Durabilité EPFL in collaboration with the various stakeholders concerned. Since January 2020, different working groups have drafted a first version of the Campus Climate Plan with the overall objective of reducing carbon emissions related to campus operations and activities by 50% compared to 2006. The platform aims to enrich this first version by offering the entire community the opportunity to offer opinions and proposals with a view to finalising the plan. The other sections (Education, Research, Innovation and Digital Sobriety) will be put out for consultation in 2021 by the School Assembly.

For more information about the approach :

https://go.epfl.ch/ourclimate            ourclimate@epfl.ch